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Know Where your Clients or Partners by Using Geo-Client Position Plotting Modules (Geo-CPPModules)

Positions Plotted up to : 16 places in CME
Positions Plotted up to: 16 places in SME
Positions Logged Save:  Text File Format

Geo Client Position Plotter Modules Application Screen Shots-

Point Click & Draw Feature Screen Shot

Range measure screen shot

Layer switch screen shot

Custom plotting screen shot

Non zone layer screen shot

1km layer screen shot

Range circle layer screen shot

Drag and drop feature screen shot

Geo-Client Positions Plotting Modules

consist of Server and Client Editions.

  • The SME is mean Server Millennium Edition.

  • The CME is mean Client Millennium Edition.

  • Also in both Client/Server has Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition versions.



Powerful Integrated Client Position Plotting Modules works with any Plotting system to Plot single solution.

Geo-CPP Modules Tiles System
  • Offline G-Open Street Tiles
  • Online G-Open Street Tiles
  • Online G-Satellite Tiles
  • Online G-Hybrid Tiles
  • Online G-Physical Tiles

OverView Geo-CPPM

  • The Client Position Plotter Modules are Geo Software online/offline application for open street map(OSM) which productive both the Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. In Enterprise Editions,you can view all over the wolrd online google satellite maps and google hybrid maps when internet connection is accessable.And so the user can view everywhere which the user wants.If you aren't sutiable to gain internet connection, they can use offline open street maps to zoom levels 15.
  • The main purpose of Geo-CPPM is to plot own position ( lat/lon) on the maps .Both Edition can plot 16 ( lat/lon) positions to the map. They are own position, ten known positions (is mean friend) and five unknown positions (is mean unknown and so on).The buyers can also order customized design is mean to increase or decrease known and unknown positions .
  • The most importance is the user who want to integrate with our service , he/she need to skill-full some application programming interface(API) such as (VB/VC++/C#/.Net).


Features of Client Position Plotter Modules(Geo-CPPM)
    The Client Position Plotter Modules(Geo-CPPM) Software included the following Features-
  • Offline Open Street Maps Layer(zoom levels 1 to 15)
  • Online  Satellite Maps Layer (zoom levels 1 to 19)
  • Online hybrid Maps Layer (zoom levels 1 to 19)
  • Online Open Street Maps Layer (zoom levels 1 to 19)
  • Graticular lat/lon line Layer
  • UTM Zone Display Line Layer
  • Drag and Drop Feature
  • Point Feature Click Display
  • 100km Display Line Layer
  • 10km Display Line Layer
  • 1km Display Line Layer
  • Own Position Display Layer
  • Custom plotter Layer
  • 50km Range Circle Display Layer
  • Manual Distance Measurement Layer
  • Manual Draw Line Layer
  • Manual Draw Box Layer
  • Manual Draw Polygon Layer
  • Read Position Data per a minute
  • Custom Layer On/Off
  • Display Mouse movement Position with lat/lon and USNG format
Requirement for Geo-CPPM Buyers
    The byuers must be sent to us following facts.
  • The Serial Numbers of HDD or stick that will install CPPM Software because both CPPM-CME and CPPM-SME application program can install on the system defined HDD Serial Number.
  • Top Longuide value, Bottom Longuide value,Reft Lattidute value,Right Lattidute value of desire area.
Software Accessories for Geo-CPPM
    The Software Accessories are as follow.
  • MS VC2006
  • JavaSetup7u21.exe
  • JDK-7u21-windows-i586.exe
  • Geo-CPPM Software (CME/SME)
  • Firefox Setup 22.0.exe or higher
  • Offline Open Street Maps Tiles in Memory Stick that serial key registered in both Editions of Geo-CPPM Software.
  • Installation and Some Technical Instructions
Geo-CPPM Price Lists
    Geo-CPPM Price contact us
System Requirement
    The System Requirement are as follow-
  • OS -WinXP SP1-2-3 and Win7 and above
  • RAM - 512 and above
  • VGA - 64MB and above
  • Processor - P4 and above
  • HDD - 80Gb and above

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